Our fitness classes are designed for you to achieve maximum satisfaction, no matter your starting level. Classes are designed for beginners, right through to the advanced level trainer. Our class is a full body workout based around boxing training; you'll gain upper body strength and endurance with better muscle definition, improve your speed and hand-eye coordination, and at the same time build stronger, faster and more athletic legs. 


You will also learn new skills, like speedballs and floor-to-ceiling balls, train sport-specific exercises and most importantly you'll learn the correct technique from qualified professionals to help you punch like a pro.


Boxing is a high intensity and high repetitious workout and therefore you will notice dramatic results FAST. Weight loss, tighter glutes, harder thighs, longer and leaner arm muscles and a much stronger core are just a few of the benefits we can guarantee, along with a much improved cardio fitness level and an overall general healthier life. 

Boxing for Fitness Classes are 1hr in duration.


Our advanced fighters classes are a rare opportunity to train alongside some the greatest athletes and combat sports fighters in Australia. Whether you’re here for competition or to challenge yourself and your training at an elite level, this admission by assessment only class is for you! Our coaches have World, National and State Championship level pedigree and will bring out the warrior within you and have you ready for anything in life!

Fight Training is 1hr in duration.


Our pads classes are designed to teach you the correct way to punch focus pads and also the correct way to hold them! It's a punching only class where you'll also learn technique, skills, combinations and punch with speed and power!


This is a great class for you to bring a regular training partner so that you can both progress together and see each other improve; however, bringing a partner is not a requirement as there are plenty of people in these classes. 


Pad classes are 45min in duration. 


NRT Kids Academy is your answer to self-defense, health and fitness for your children, Led by Head Instructor and 8 times world champion Daniel Dawson.

Our unique blend of Martial Arts, Boxing and Muay Thai all happens in a fun and fitness-based environment, at NRT our values are our cornerstone – CONFIDENCE, RESPECT & DISCIPLINE.

Our program runs in line with the school terms and holidays and our classes are structured to achieve results in focus, listening, attitude, awareness and team work.


Butt. Legs. And. Strength. Training is specially designed by our trainers to complement our extensive Fitness and Muay Thai classes so our members gain maximum benefits and results FAST. With a combination of resistance and explosive training, our sessions are guaranteed to make your dri-fit shirt look like false advertising. We promise you will leave the gym with a smile on your face, feeling great and wanting more. B.L.A.S.T and the results will speak for themselves.

B.L.A.S.T classes are 45min in duration.


NRT Muay Thai classes are a hybrid mix of Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing training incorporating aerobic and anaerobic fitness, strength, endurance and mobility. Our training system teaches you the art along with self-defence while you gain confidence to use and move your whole body. We cater to everyone whether it’s for elite competition at a world, national or state championship level or pushing you to become the best physical and mental version of yourself.

Muay Thai/Kick Boxing Classes are 1hr in duration.